Bonjour, lovelies! This is my thinspo blog, I hope it motivates you as much as it does for me. Just so you know, I
don't recommend anyone 'becoming' anorexic or bulimic. I'm not pro ana because having a real eating disorder
is not cool. It sucks. It is painful. I would not wish this upon my enemy and I have a lot of those. Like I said that
this is my thinspo blog, it helps me from binging. I have another blog, that I call my 'journal', If you want to check it
out, go for it.. the link is . It helps me with everything in my life! :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

' Get clean, get absolutely squeaky clean. Use a sweet smelling shampoo and conditioner. Remember to exfoliate and shave. Dry yourself off completely and indulge in a lovely lotion. Put on self-tanner, wear cute cotton shorts and tee. Blast upbeat music and paint your nails. Spray nice perfume on yourself and light a candle. Take more than an hour doing your hair, another 30 minutes on making your make up perfect. Dance around your room and then repaint your nails. Look at yourself in the mirror, tell your body you love it to pieces and will treat it right. Go get a glass of water and chug it and tackle the day with a smile. You will not binge, you will exercise, you will refuse desert and you will feel amazing. '


  1. It sucks you can't be at your sisters wedding. But she knows you're there in heart. Good luck on the tredmill. I don't think I could last an hour.

  2. im sure ur sis knows that if u coudl b there u really would
    now wit school u have to do what makes u happy dont giveup on ur dreams


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